PanoDome 360
360° Conference System
PanoDome 360 is an easy-to-use, Video and Audio Conferencing solution that enables efficient and visually rich meetings. It comes equipped with a high resolution 8-Megapixel sensor for superb image quality and a fisheye lens design that can capture a 200 degree wide angle view as well as a stunning 360 degree panoramic view without any blind spots! PanoDome 360 also delivers clear audio with its built-in 3W speaker and three microphone array. Designed for efficiency, PanoDome 360 simply connects to PC based conferencing systems via USB 3.0 and provides an optimal collaboration experience.
Cutting-edge communication solution Making Meetings Efficient
For Office: 360 degree camera for group collaboration. Portable-easily setup in any meeting room. Table and Wall mountable. Integrated video and audio solution.
For School: HD clarity brings inspired teaching material to classroom ,makes classroom technology effective, accessible and fun.
360º Panoramic surround view / 360º 2P de-warp image / 200º wall view video switchable.
360º Panoramic surround view
360 º 2P de-warp View
200º Front View
360° High Sensitivity Tri-Mocrophone
3 high sensitivity unidirectional MIC for long range high quality conference meeting.
Application Functions Window PC(Zoom, Brightness control) and PIP, De-warp with Skype link sharing
Video conference AP for windows PC and Skype share.


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